Cube Notation

you want you express turning the cube you should know cube notation and most of cube algorithm consists of Cube notation.

만약 당신이 큐브를 돌리는 것을 표현하고 싶고 큐브공식을 보다 쉽게 외울려면 큐브 표기법을 외우는 것이 좋다.

(Alphabet) : turn clockwise , (Alphabet)’ : turn opposite , (Alphabet + w) or (Small Alphabet): turn 2 layers

(Alphabet) : 시계 방향으로 돌리기 , (Alphabet)’ : 시계반대방향으로 돌리기 , (Alphabet + w) or (Small Alphabet): 2열을 잡고 돌리기

Common move:

R : Right

L : Left

U : Up

D : Down

F : Front

B : Back

Slice move:

M : M is between L and R and M direction follows L because alpabetical order M is near L than R

E : E is between U and D and E direction follows D because alpabetical order E is near D than U

S : S is between F and B and S direction follows F because alpabetical order S is near F than B

Cube Rotations (you have to turn whole cube)

X : X follows R

Y : Y follows U

Z : Z follows F

Wide moves

Rw or r : call Rwide

Lw or l : call Lwide

Uw or u : call Uwide

Dw or d : call Dwide

Fw or f : call Fwide

Bw or b : call Bwide

Counterclockwise Move

counterclockwise move is turn counterclockwise.and it puts ‘ after alphabet

first picture : ordinary R move

second picture : counterclockwise R move

(Alphabet x N) move

If R2 , it means turn R twice or R3 , it means turn R three time

Example : R2